Galaxy Forum

I am happy to announce that CatholicEclipsed now has a place to come together and ask questions and get answers, share our experiences and knowledge, and, in general be an online society of Catholics!

For a while now I have wanted to provide a forum to discuss, and, yes, even debate, critical issues affecting us all. Galaxy Forum is just the place to do that! My mission for CatholicEclipsed has always been to expose the agents of darkness as well as provide a haven for Catholics to feel a sense of belonging and community. If you would like to be part of that mission, to be a part of a Catholic online community, I encourage you to sign up to Galaxy Forum.

I hope you will consider joining Galaxy Forum, and help make it a meaningful online place for all of us!


In light of the fact that Galaxy Forum at startup required users to register with WordPress, and that such a requirement may have deterred individuals from participating, I have now opted to open up Galaxy Forum to all without the need to sign up with WordPress.

Participants will now be able not only to reply but also make their own topics. I hope you will join me there. Consider it a galactic town hall where everyone may voice their thoughts and concerns, ask questions and get answers.