New Website for Classical Homeschooling Families

This is just a quick post to tell you about my wife’s new website, FundamentallyClassical, which is a great website to read articles on how to homeschool classically.

Since the plandemic, there has been a significant uptick in families deciding to homeschool their children. The advantages are numerous. Laura (my wife) does a great job of highlighting these advantages, not the least of which being that to homeschool is the very best way to live out the vocation of matrimony, which is the rearing and education of children primarily.

On FundamentallyClassical, you will find a friend to guide you through the oftentimes overwhelming first steps to classically educate your children. There are so many different ideas as to what classical education is, but Laura does a just and reasonable assessment of what that means, which is nothing other than the transmission of our Greek and Latin intellectual patrimony.

If you are contemplating classical education for your family, or know someone who is, you would do well to visit FundamentallyClassical to see what it is all about!