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      Robert Robbins

      Feel free to share your thoughts on how you live out your faith and piety during the Apocalypse. Rosary, praying the mass, litanies to your favorite saint, devotionall reading, meditation, anything to get others thinking about great spiritual practices.

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      Possibly something for another post, but I was going to ask if you think we should pray for the election of a pope – typically in any vacancy that’s a continued prayer intention I think. Although I know this site and some others seem to conclude no pope can be elected anymore under the circumstances. Perhaps also it might be a related intention to pray for God to send us clergy. Essentially a general prayer for restoration. I’d argue you could pray for such a thing even if God won’t be sending it.

      edit: Another good prayer would be for God to send us help and protection to be able to have good conversations on this new forum.

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        Robert Robbins

        Thanks for the reply and question. To answer, I pray for a pope with every rosary my family offers up. It is part of the prayer intentions of our family rosary. I do not know (nor am for one side or another) whether God will send us a another pope, but I think it is not altogether impossible to believe the restoration period happened already, in the 1950s. The Catholic Church was in resurgence at that time. It was the golden period of the 1950s Americans recall fondly, of those who lived it and the media that surrounds the period. WWII was done. The world was hopeful for the future. Even the Church at V2 was contemplating a new spring time. But none of it was to last, because of either the envy of the Devil or man was not truly thankful for the restoration, and thought it was his own doing.

        Anyway, it is possible we could have another pope, but only by the power of God through a miraculous intervention. But I think Christ’s Second Coming is quite close, because the reign of the Antichrist has gone on long enough, thank you.

        Yes, we should pray for the fruit of this Galaxy Forum to be bountiful. I entrust it to the Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate Seat of Wisdom, as I do for all of CatholicEclipsed.

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      Laura Robbins

      Good practices for devotion can include the First Fridays and First Saturdays devotions for the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

      On the First Friday of the month for 9 months in a row (can be repeated): make a spiritual confession, pray the St. John’s mass, then recite the Litany to the Sacred Heart.

      On the First Saturday of the month for 5 months in a row (can be repeated): make a spiritual confession, pray the St. John’s mass, then pray the rosary and meditate on the mysteries for 15 minutes.

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      Robert Robbins

      I agree, these are good devotions. Though there is some confusion or lingering doubt in my mind about how to perform the required Eucharistic devotion of the First Fridays and First Saturdays, and whether the St. John’s Mass and a spiritual communion satisfies for the requirement. I assume it does, but still, there is a doubt.

      Of course, there is no doubt in my mind about the efficacy of the Holy Rosary. It is, bar none, the most potent weapon against evil in our day, as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as been taken away, as Holy Write foretold.

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      Thanks for the guidance/suggestions. It is such a challenge to be so adrift. I admit sometimes I wonder if I am the one who is wrong as there are SO many Epikeia sedes, and they really have an attitude against those they dismissively call “Home Aloners”. Their hostility sometimes approaches that of NO churchers to Epikeia sedes. I greatly admire them, but it appears they really go off the rails with the Epikeia thing. Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing something. To me, with Epikeia, who needs a pope? At any rate, I hope you can persevere with this site. I raised children, and know the challenges your family faces. God bless you both!

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