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      Robert Robbins

      Explore the different ways in which Catholics understand how the Chair is empty ( sede vacante) and what this means for the Church. Debate and disputation on the best explanations are welcome.

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      Jack Kennedy

      The best way to understand what is going on is to think about this simple statement–
      if I am setting in a chair, and then I get up and leave the chair..
      two questions..
      is the chair now empty.. (yes, of course)
      is the chair still there..(yes, of course)

      the theology being promoted by all the sedes is that the chair no longer exists because the chair is empty..this is mutilated logic..

      we need to stay in the Church and there stay in the fight.. u cant fix the Church from outside the Church..

      there are literally hundreds of fake ‘cathlic’ churches.. beware..

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