“…And the Woman fled into the Wilderness, where She had a place prepared by God…”

Hello and thank you for stopping by CatholicEclipsed, a website dedicated to the dissemination of authentic Catholicism, and the exposure of its counterfeit. The Catholic religion is in eclipse, and very few know what the Church teaches regarding Faith, Morals, and Discipline. Sects abound, the agents of darkness, and the shadows they cast converge over the true Faith, and obscure its Light. It is the desperate hope of this website in some small way to change that.

Are you seeking answers to the questions about the pervasive errors, outright heresies, and blasphemies that abound in the world? Do you attend mass at your local parish church, and instead of having a prayerful disposition, you find yourself clenching your teeth in suppressed anger and disgust at what is called worship, but what could easily be classified as a circus performance? Do you question the reactionary stance some take in opposition to these liturgical abuses, the so-called recognize and resist program which acknowledges that the reforms which made the abuses possible came from the hand of a legitimate pope and council but must be nevertheless rejected? In your desperation to escape the cognitive dissonance caused by membership in the post-conciliar church, did you flee to mass-centers owned and operated by bishops and priests, only to harbor doubts about their mission or jurisdiction? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve come into the Wilderness!

But if in your haste to answer these questions you visited other websites purporting to be Catholic, then you will do well to stop over at the SECT SPECTRUM page which provides a helpful list—no, wait, strike that—which provides an invaluable Index of Forbidden Websites suspected of Heresy. There, that’s more like it.

During the Apocalypse, it’s just safer to stay home.

So what is a home-base, and why is it necessary? A home-base is your home, from where you carry out operations and missions of every-day living, where outside rages the spiritual war-torn world. We are at war, and because it is a spiritual war makes it no less frightening or destructive. Indeed, for those who walk by faith and not by sight, the war is more frightening and destructive, because it is not our bodies which may be lost in the battle but our souls!

So what kind of operations and missions? Well, first and foremost the mission is prayer, preferably at a home-altar, at which a family offers daily praise, thanksgiving, and petitions to God, His Mother, and to the Angels and Saints, for graces to carry out one’s duty in life. Pray for family members, but also for our enemies, and pray for those poor souls in purgatory, be they family, friends, or strangers.

As will be made clear through the publication of posts, there’s no safe place from which to receive sacraments. Apart from baptism and matrimony, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are the sole means by which one attains grace during this apocalyptic time. The Sacrifice has ceased as was foretold in Sacred Scripture, and with it the practice of the priesthood on Earth. That is why we turn to our High Priest in Heaven at our home-altars, and offer St. John’s Mass—fitting for he is the Evangelist of the Apocalypse—with Him.

If you need to label what kind of Catholicism this website champions, call it Catacomb Catholic, Stay-at-Home, or Pray-at-Home Catholic, or Home-Alone Catholic. All these monikers mean the same thing: Catholics who hunker down at their home-base, bunkered and fortified against the enemies of the Faith.

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CE LOG: Opining on the Apocalypse

The CE Log: Opining on the Apocalypse is envisioned as a casual blog in which the common Catholic may come and read articles and watch videos which cover topics related to living during the time of the Apocalypse.

Confused opinions about what Catholicism is are as numerous as the stars. They twinkle in the nightfall of ignorance and are mistaken as luminaries or even substitutes for the sun, the only thing which imparts the life of faith. As a consequence, people of good will are left cold, their faith faint and ineffectual, because they do not have the light and warmth of the true teachings of the Catholic Church to comfort and form their Catholic sense. Here on the CE Log, the Baltimore Catechism (BC) will be my go-to guide, the lantern at my feet to illuminate the path to Heaven.

The CatholicEclipsed Podcast

Inspired by the Holy Martyrs, inflamed by the Holy Ghost, Chromocast is your place to listen in on the hottest topics of the day affecting the Church.

A Journal for the Inquiring Catholic

For those who desire to know what they believe, or, for those who need more to go on to begin to believe, QUASI STELLAE is your source for a philosophical and theological apologia for the faith. Whereas articles on the CE Log are refreshingly simple and brief and easy to understand, articles featured here are more demanding and meant to be read slowly and meditated upon. As Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches in Summa Contra Gentiles, “The study of truth requires a considerable effort–which is why few are willing to undertake it out of love of knowledge–despite the fact that God has implanted a natural appetite for such knowledge in the minds of men.”

Galaxy Forum

Come be a part of a Catholic online community and share your thoughts on the Church during this apocalyptic age we find ourselves in!

A three-part documentary, The Lord of the Earth: Apocalypse, the Great Apostasy, and the Antichrist, chronicles the takeover of the Church beginning with the reign of the false pope John XXIII, and the false Second Vatican Council, and the false New Order of the Mass, and the reign of the Antichrist.

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