Opining on the Apocalypse


“I’m Catholic.” This simple sentence a hundred million people say every day. Those who worship Satan say it. Those who bash the one they believe to be the Vicar of Christ say it. Now there is a group of “Catholics” who also say it, but these are somewhat different than the obviously non-Catholic members of … Continue reading Catholic™

Suspected of Heresy: MHFM, VaticanCatholic

Speaking of flaming heretics, oh, yes, the VaticanCatholic website of the Most Holy Family Monastery. If you didn’t know better, you’d think you’d loaded the webpage for the Catholic version of the National Enquirer instead of a publication supposedly dedicated to disseminating true doctrine. With tabloid-like thumbnails everywhere, sensational news stories utterly devoid of religious … Continue reading Suspected of Heresy: MHFM, VaticanCatholic

Fun with the Faith

As so often is the case in these apocalyptic times, we Catholics tend toward the somber—and as is often the case for very good reason! But sometimes—even during the End Times—it is vitally important to our spiritual health to laugh, because, as Easter teaches us, Christ wins in the end. This momentary gloom will pass, … Continue reading Fun with the Faith


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