Opining on the Apocalypse

The Legend of Lu: Armageddon

IV A World Tottering “Marie, you’ll never guess who I just had a chat with,” Dan began to say as he sauntered out into the open. He was adjusting and ironing out his sleeves which had suffered a wrinkle through time spent on his excursion, as he looked up to see he was speaking to … Continue reading The Legend of Lu: Armageddon

The Legend of Lu: Armageddon

III Rise of the Tulusians The scene of the barren desert floor flew past Dan’s side of the cockpit window at a dizzying rate, but, not to seem weak or wimpy he tried to find immediate relief in stealing glances into Marie’s beautiful, pale blue eyes, which were now fixed on the way ahead toward … Continue reading The Legend of Lu: Armageddon


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