Opining on the Apocalypse

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If you would like to contribute an article to the CE Log with your own thoughts on the Apocalypse, and how to survive it, or on Catholicism in the arts, sciences, or society, please submit a proposal to Contact@CatholicEclipsed.com, with a title in the subject, an abstract of the proposed article in the body, and graphics or images attached if applicable. If your article is selected, you will be contacted with a request to submit the full article, between 1000-2000 words, or longer if need be, and will be asked to provide a short BIO and image of yourself. Contributors will be featured at the end of their articles, along with a link to their website if they have one.

Thank You, Anonymous Donor

Recently I had decided to downgrade my website hosting plan, which would mean that many features like the forum for instance would not be available anymore. My decision to do so was that there was so little traffic, I couldn’t justify spending so much money on an upgraded plan to have plugins that no one…

Come To Think Of It: My Country is My Mother

I read an advertisement today raving about streaming a fireworks show from the air conditioned comfort of one’s living room, where the decibels will be more conducive to the dog’s delicate disposition, and one may be free from the aerial assault of Fourth of July mosquitoes. Apparently there is even an app one can use…

Come to Think of It: The meaninglessness of man

Electronic communication has given a whole new meaning to the word ephemera. And as writing began in stone and in its current form, secured somehow in the ether of electronic coding, I fear for our children’s children who may be disinherited from the literary traditions of history, not to mention one’s written language itself. Just…


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