Chromocast: To Cast Fire

The chromosphere, the atmosphere of the Sun, is only visible during a solar eclipse. A bright red crescent, the chromosphere glows with hyper-heated hydrogen gas, the only visible evidence of the Sun almost completely obscured by the Moon. Air, Fire, and the color Red, fitting images for the Holy Ghost, and for the Holy Martyrs, both of yesterday and today. We live during a spiritual eclipse, where the Catholic Church is all but obscured.

We also live during a spiritual persecution. Though we do not physically bleed, we nevertheless suffer spiritual martyrdom. The Holy Ghost still works within His Church, which is to be found in all those who hold fast to the Catholic Faith. Strengthening these, He pours out His gifts and fruits on the faithful, giving them wisdom and knowledge, piety and love, and sustaining them in secret. The LORD said, “I am come to cast fire on the earth; and what will I, but that it be kindled?” This is the prayer of CatholicEclipsed, and Chromocast is one way to see His will be done. May the Holy Ghost kindle in our hearts the fire of His love.

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