Find below resources to help you along in your discovery of authentic Catholicism. Though a little short now, I hope to grow the Database list of resources as I discover them. We are all learning and growing in our understanding of the Faith. Merely because I have an informational website doesn’t lessen that fact. It accentuates it.

  • Papal Encyclicals (Obviously, CatholicEclipsed does not endorse the reading of encyclicals from heretical anti-popes. For authentic and authoritative Catholicism, you will want to read only those papal letters of Pius XII and before.)
  • (This is the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible Online. The author, Paul B. Mann, appears to be associated with the Society of Saint Pius X, which, if true, is not good. But the online resource of the Holy Bible is good, and so I share it with you.)
  • Catholic Encyclopedia (A very valuable resource, the Catholic Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and scholarly resource to help you sift through the errors which the false prophets try to pass off as Catholicism. A warning though, NewAdvent is not Catholic. But the formatting they did with the encyclopedia is so good, I had to recommend it. Just avoid the blogroll and endorsements of fake saints in some edited articles, and you should be golden.)
  • Summa Theologiae (As powerful a weapon in this war for souls as it gets, the Summa Theologiae is very accessible, both for the learned and the less than academic among us. The reason being is that it was written for beginners in mind, as St. Thomas tells us in the preface. Though some metaphysical ideas may be obscure, for the purposes of clarifying dogma, the ST is highly instructive. Again, stay away from NewAdvent’s blogroll of heretics. It ain’t as edifying.)
  • (A self-professed Catacomb Catholic, T. Stanfill Benns takes her journalist training and puts it to use in writing deeply researched web articles in defense of authentic Catholicism. A stalwart defender of the Faith, the laws of the Church, and the rights of the Papacy, BetrayedCatholics is a must visit for anyone wanting a deeper dive into the crisis facing us today.)
  • JMJSite (Patric Henry was a once CMRI priest now self-laicized after coming to the truth, and author of the well-known “My Petition for Spiritual Help,” which is both a challenge and an almost exhaustive listing of Church teaching and laws demonstrating the illicit nature of the Sedevacantist clergy’s claims to jurisdiction. The site is full of helpful and spiritually edifying content.)
  • Eric Hoyle (Author of “Priestly Ministry After the Vatican II Revolution: Part I––Confessional Jurisdiction––Brief Version”, a scholarly work which clearly demonstrates the inability of the Sedevacantist clergy having any claim to jurisdiction. There is a link made available to the longer study of which this is only a summary.)
  • Baltimore Catechism (A great resource for those who would like a quick reference to what the Church teaches, in simple, lovingly instructional language so sorely needed today. With so much sophisticated and needlessly complex and verbose literature out there masquerading as Catholicism, the Baltimore Catechism stands as a timeless and powerful defense of sound doctrine. Affiliated links are not endorsed; just the BC!)