What is “Home Alone” Catholicism?

“Home Alone” is a term coined by the late Anthony Cekada, a Sedevacantist priest, who used the term as a pejorative against those who believe it is safer not to go to priests without canonical mission from the Church Hierarchy. Home Alone Catholics are simply those who do not believe there are any Roman Catholic priests with jurisdiction to administer the sacraments, or those who do not know of any to go to for sacraments. It is the reasonable and natural consequence of living during a fifty-plus year interregnum after mass apostasy of the Second Vatican Council. For further reading on the necessity of canonical mission, see this article.

How are you Catholic without the sacraments?

The sacraments are indeed an essential part of being Catholic, but not all the sacraments are necessary for salvation, and those which are, like baptism, the laity may administer in the time of necessity (danger of death), a priest is not necessary. For more, see this article.

How has the Church not defected if there are no known Roman Catholic priests in the world with canonical mission?

This is a big puzzle. Some believe that there must be a remnant hierarchy left somewhere in the world. Others believe that canonical mission is not necessary in a time of necessity, and so those priests ordained and bishops consecrated without canonical mission are the hierarchy, albeit imperfectly constituted. The solution is lies in the understanding that the Church has not defected, because only the See of Saint Peter is said to be indefectible, which See has been vacant for over half a century. For those who insist that there must be priests in the world, read this article.

How can Home Alone people claim to be Catholic when there is so much division amongst them?

There are unfortunately a lot of divisions among would-be Catholics. These divisions may be doctrinal or disciplinary, substantial or accidental, but the point is, the unity of the Church is caused by the Roman Pontiff alone, through whom, God unites His people under one visible head. There are so many questions and so many possible solutions, but only one truth, which is obscured by the fact that the Church is in eclipse, that the hierarchy is in eclipse, that the Pope is in eclipse. Much of the divisions which arise amongst Home Alone Catholics are because of sin and ignorance, as with any moral body of persons. That is why here on CatholicEclipsed, I have stressed simplicity in doctrine and disciplinary matters, as instructed by the Baltimore Catechism, which tells us everything we need to know and do to serve God. More on these and related ideas may be found in this article.

Why is there no visible community of Home Alone Catholics like there seems to be among Sedevacantists?

Home Alone Catholics tend to be very secluded and not publicly vocal. This I hope to change through podcasting interviews, hosting a forum on this website, and other initiatives to promote the Home Alone position more in the public square of opinion. There may never be a community as such of Home Alone Catholics like Sedevacantists seem to be, because the principle of unity is lacking, such as a hierarchy and the sacraments. Nevertheless, it is my hope that a moral unity may be created through holding the same Faith, having a common interest and discussion on issues affecting us all, and that a network of mutual support may be fostered amongst us. More on building a community among Home Alone Catholics may be found in this article.

Where is your imprimatur for this website?

It is true that, under the law of the Church, one cannot publish anything without the permission of the local ordinary. That said, however, it is equally true that the Divine law compels us to defend the faith against attack at all times. Where there is a duty, there is a right. Since there is a positive duty to defend the truths of the Holy Catholic religion, then there must also exist the right to do so, which right is determined by the Divine law, to which ecclesiastical law answers. More discussion on this issue may be read that this article.

Where is the Church?

The Church has certain marks by which it may be known, which are One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. These marks are caused by the three attributes of authority, infallibility, and indefectibility. These attributes belong to the Church as a whole insofar as they follow from the Roman Pontiff in the See of Saint Peter, who holds them. Since we are living during an extended interregnum, answering the question of where the Church is is very difficult, because the Church is not visible anymore, since the marks by which it is made visible are lacking. That said, however, the Church still exists in the Soul of Christ, if not the Body of Christ, in those who hold to the Catholic Faith whole and entire and inviolate. More on this idea is to be found in this article.

How am I to know what to believe among so many contradictory accounts of what Catholicism is?

The shortest answer to that question may be found in reading the Baltimore Catechism (BC). Commissioned from a plenary council of American bishops over a century ago, the BC is a fool-proof guide to learn what to believe and do to save our souls. The best and original BC edition may be purchased here.

Are marriages performed before Novus Ordo clerics valid?

The short answer is absolutely yes! The longer answer may be read here.


September 2023