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Introducing the Messenger

I hope that the compelling content of my website is enough to convince anyone of good will to accept the reality of the Church in eclipse, but for some, a little word on who the messenger is may help to smooth out the message. To alleviate any doubts that I am a real, living, breathing, God-fearing sinner, I have provided this page as a brief introduction to who I am.

A Brief Spiritual Bio

I was baptized on January 13, 2008, in a little midwest parish church of the Novus Ordo Sect. I married my wife soon after entering the Navy. My wife and I went on for several years attending Mass, going to Confession, and trying to be good Catholics. We participated in Bible studies at the parish church, conducted our own at home, and were, all and all, conservative and serious Novus Ordo Catholics. 

It wasn’t until the Miracle of the Sun’s 100th year anniversary that my wife and I started to get serious about understanding the whole Catholic religion, i.e., the Mass, Mary, and the Papacy. It was also the time in which I was studying philosophy in graduate school, when my professor, a Jew I believe by religion, was bantering back and forth with a fellow professor, discussing how those Catholics just need to submit to Pope Francis because he is infallible. I will let the irony of that sink in for a moment.

Curious to know what all the interest of a non-Catholic had in the Roman Pontiff, my wife and I started reading news blogs to get a sense of what was going on. Let me say here that my family has always been somewhat different. We never had cable television. We never read the news. We were about as separated from the world as one could get without living in a pre-Vatican II monastery. So, reading news blogs was a leap into the world for us. 

So we began to read news articles which outlined the outrageous conduct of Francis, which disturbed my wife and me. We started to read more and more online Catholic commentary websites, like One Peter Five, The Remnant, LifeSiteNews, Catholic Family News, Fatima Center, AKA Catholic, and Rorate Caeli. This move put us more and more in the Recognize and Resist crowd, where we stayed for about a year, yet always feeling the conflict and even subtly sensing the cognitive dissonance of the Recognize and Resist position, especially with our new found appreciation and understanding of the Papacy. And so we continued to learn more. 

We had since left our parish church because we became more and more sensitive to the antics of the Vatican II sect, and started to worship at a beautiful oratory in St. Louis run by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. At this time we began reading more about the Latin Mass, and praying the rosary daily.

After about a year of studying more deeply the Faith, and in particular the changes brought about by Vatican II, we realized that the whole institution which called itself the Catholic Church was a shell of its former glory, usurped by modernists infiltrators bent on destroying the Church from the inside out. 

Thus, attending a Mass affiliated with the Novus Ordo establishment became impossible for us, and we were wondering where the Church was, and where the Sacraments were. That’s when we came across the writings of the late Fr. Anthony Cekada. Funny, lucid prose explaining well the crisis of the Church, the errors of the Novus Ordo, and the subsequent solution founded upon a little known legal concept, epikeia, Fr. Cekada’s writings were a welcome respite from the doctrinal confusion we found ourselves in. 

We subsequently became Sedevacantists, and attended Mass offered by a St. Gertrude (a Mass Center out of Ohio) priest at a Holiday Inn two hours away, and did so for about a year, until some things just didn’t sit well with us: the lack of clerical formation of the priest, the apparent moral degradation of the Holiday Inn congregation, and the quasi-cult character and conduct of the St. Gertrude bishops and priests. 

It was all unsettling, enough so that we were once again scratching out heads and wondering whether this was the Church. That’s when we came across the website BetrayedCatholics, run and authored by T. Stanfill Benns, a devout Catholic who chooses to stay at home instead of soliciting vagrant priests and bishops for sacraments. In her work, Benns cites ecclesiastic norms and laws which insist that papal mandates are required for the consecration of bishops, and that, without which, such consecrations are unlawful. That was a powerful refutation to those who arrogate unto themselves episcopal privileges. 

Gerry Matatics is another stay at home Catholic, or, as the late Fr. Cekada would say, Home Alone Catholic, who approaches the question by way of Divine Mission and jurisdiction. The sedevacantists priests and bishops operating today do not have an extraordinary mission by God, as evidenced by their lack of miracles, and do not have an ordinary mission by the Church, as evidenced by their lack of a papal mandate. Hence, without mission, there is no jurisdiction, and without jurisdiction, there is no right to dispense sacraments.           

These arguments were convincing enough to my wife and me that we stay at home and do not solicit sacraments from dubitable persons. There is much to say for each of these camps, from the Recognize and Resist to the Sedevacantists to the Stay At Home Catholics. The issues are dense, but not so much so that anyone willing to understand a little about Ecclesiastic law couldn’t overcome. 

This has been a brief spiritual biography, a mere sketch of where my wife and I have come with our family this past decade or so since I became a Christian. The substance of the different issues sketched above will be addressed through CE LOG posts and through the SECT SPECTRUM page in time. 

Perhaps now that you have a better idea of who I am and where I came from, the claims made on this website won’t sound so tinfoil hat-ish.    

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