Anniversary Launch of CatholicEclipsed on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.

Today is the one year anniversary of launching CatholicEclipsed, a website dedicated to disseminating authentic Catholicism and exposing the agents of darkness eclipsing it. The days leading up to this milestone have put me into a mood of critical self-reflection and recollection of the purpose with which I started out on this mission. I do not claim an ecclesiastical mission. That would be foolish. But I do believe that my efforts are a direct result of a sending of sorts, insofar as we are all sent into the world as lambs among wolves by the Good Shepherd Himself: 

“And after these things the Lord appointed also other seventy-two: and he sent them two and two before his face into every city and place whither he himself was to come. And he said to them: The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send labourers into his harvest,” (Luke 10:1-2).  

And, in a very special way, being totally consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the St. Louis De Monfort True Devotion to Mary, which I encourage you to read and perhaps consider doing yourself, I am also sent by her into the a spiritual wilderness to help console my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ whom I have met here. That is the point of the cross in the desert with the eclipse on HOMEBASE  . It represents in a visual way where we are now spiritually during the Apocalypse. It is often lonely here in the desert, where food and drink is scarce (worldly comfort), and friendship is even more so, to where sophisticated man with his civilization has not reached. Here in the desert there is only oneself and God. 

The mission, then, of CatholicEclipsed is clear enough, but how one executes that mission is less clear. My attempt this past year at producing video content has been somewhat lackluster. No significant impact was achieved doing so. From the highly stylized “Sect Spect Report,” which (I confess) may have alienated many on account of its apparent flippancy, to awkward and fumbling interviews, my attempts at video productions has been less than stellar. So, I must reassess and adapt to my own abilities and talents to achieve the mission. I am convinced at this point that web articles, with the occasional image, is the way to go. It is a classic way to communicate, and people respond well to it. 

That said, I have had in the back of my brain the notion of a CatholicEclipsed podcast. I don’t know how that would work or if visitors here would appreciate it at all, but it does have the advantage over print in that it is more personal and intimate, which would help in the consolation department of the mission. Let me know in the comments what you would think about that. 

There have been other changes to CatholicEclipsed. Some of you will notice that I am no longer on Twitter. The reason for this is twofold: Twitter is a temptation and a distraction. Being on Twitter has tempted me in so many different ways, from its grave immodesty to its open blasphemy, I have been tempted to lust and anger so many times I cannot count. Surely, that is utterly fruitless spiritually. And Twitter has distracted me from my mission. I envisioned social media as a way to market CatholicEclipsed, but after a year doing so, my numbers were so woefully low as to be considered nil. No one, with the exception of a handful, actually ever engaged with my Tweeted content, for want of interest or because my material was lame, I don’t know. What I do know is that Twitter wasn’t helping but hurting, and distracting me from producing better and better content, and more of it, and distracting me from my family life. Finally, I had enough, and so I deactivated my account, something one gentlemanly and sagacious reader advised I do some time ago.

So, what to expect this coming year? Well, I intend to produce two kinds of content to achieve the duel aspects of my mission, to expose the agents of darkness (who ever they are) and to console my coreligionists with uplifting and spiritually enriching content. I will attempt a balance, because it is spiritually unhealthy always to be in the thick of things and doing battle. We need a breather every once in a while, a time to recoup and relax and rest in the Lord. To that end, I would really like to know what kind of articles you would like to see, what interests you spiritually, be it devotions, religious arts and music, biographical sketches of saints, prayer life and pious practices, etc. Let me know in the comments section.

CatholicEclipsed is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, whose feast day it is today. Some of you may have seen my bracelet I wear on my right wrist. I had enslaved myself to Jesus in Mary some years back. I wear this bracelet as a reminder to myself to live out the true devotion to Mary, to be faithful to Christ by keeping my baptismal promises, and to remind myself of the chains of sin which the devil forges around us (which we cannot see), as compared with the the chains of love which God forges around us. We are either slaves to the Devil or to God. But this holy slavery to God is true and perfect freedom, unlike its counterfeit the Devil advertises with a thousand temptations to do what we want. Like a natural slave who owns nothing but depends on everything from his master, I own nothing but give all to Mary to do with as she pleases. This website is just one more thing that doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the Queen of my heart and soul.  May CatholicEclipsed honor her evermore this year, and may she use it as she wills. Amen.  

16 thoughts on “Anniversary Launch of CatholicEclipsed on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  1. Robert,

    Congratulations on Catholic Eclipsed’s first year! I originally found your site from a comment you left on BetrayedCatholics and I have been following you since. I didn’t realize that the site has only been in existence for one year. Thank you for your work. It has been a great spiritual work of mercy for me.

    I have enjoyed and benefited from all of your content. I would encourage you to keep exploring and experimenting. I am always interested in more of your content and that is do to a natural desire to connect with Pray-At-Home Catholics. The pit-fall, as I see it, with interactive formats such as interviews and podcasts is the real danger of disturbing the faithful, but I have found that you and T. Benns are able to manage this well with your knowledge of Church teaching and your ability to share your knowledge. For example, your interview with Eric Hoyle, I thought the way you handled the interview and the rebuttals afterward were very well done and constructive. The alternative is to have no conversations about the faith and our current circumstances which I think creates more opportunity for evil to overcome because of extreme isolation. And so, I think a podcast would be very helpful. I also think a podcast is very practical in terms of reaching people and as you mention, it is a consoling act as well.

    Thank you also for sharing your personal stories. Again, the isolation of the Pray-Home-Catholic can make it seem that you are the only one carrying this specific cross. Your willingness to share your own challenges, is a bridge, I believe, to creating an authentic Pray-At-Home online community for mutual support and encouragement. Please continue to do this if you are able!

    It is my hope and belief, as Pray-At-Home Catholics trying to create some semblance of community during these times, that if we follow the advice of St. Vincent of Lerins, “Everywhere, Always, and by All”, and conform to the teachings of Christ through Holy Mother Church as interpreted and safeguarded by the true vicars of Christ, through God’s grace, we may offer each other mutual help and support as we work out our own salvation. Your website and BetrayedCatholics, I believe, are creating this point of convergence for Pray-At-Home Catholics. May God reward your generosity.

    Your friend in Christ,

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    • Dear Scott,

      I really appreciate the encouragement! Often I get down because the reach of CatholicEclipsed hasn’t been terribly impressive. But I must remind myself it isn’t like I’m blogging about cookie recipes. I mean, people do not actively seek out the truth that their whole life has been a lie. It is a tough sell, but the Holy Ghost moves those whom He wills. And what harvest there will be at the end of the day of days is not up to me. I am just a servant and common laborer.

      My knowledge of Church teaching is no more than yours or that of the other holy men and women reading this blog. I want to underscore that point emphatically. I am not that learned in Church doctrine, but I do have a catechism, and BetrayedCatholics has been a wellspring of teachings all in one neat and tidy place. Catholicism is so vast, it is no wonder good-willed people have gotten lost exploring all its hidden passages and rooms. It is a many-roomed mansion, as Christ says. But that is the charm of CatholicEclipsed. It does not pretend to learning, only what is basically necessary to save one’s soul, which instructions one is readily able to acquire from a Catechism. BetrayedCatholics does a lot of the heavy lifting. CatholicEclipsed does the sweeping and swabbing, making everything look good.

      That is a good point about having controversial conversations about the Catholicism, because otherwise darkness covers things up. Still, I am just not very comfortable talking with people on video calls. I am very personable in person, but I guess when the recording starts, I become a toad among men. It is silly, I know. I will consider what you have said.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. It means so much.

      Your friend in Christ,


  2. I agree with Scott. One thing I would like to see is a side-by-side comparison between the authentic Catholic teaching of the Catechism of the Council of Trent and the wicked heresies of the NO church’s New Catechism!
    J Schwartz


    • That’s a great idea, J Schwartz! I will have to consider that. Perhaps in a long info-graph with pretty colors, too!


  3. Good idea Robert–as you are an old Navy man–I say go ahead and use your God given rudder to change course to do what is most pleasing to God then full steam ahead. Also am glad to see you used the bilge pump to clear out the distractions of twitter, a nesting place for where satan takes advantage in spreading spiritual discourse and disorder. Perhaps this caveat I saw posted regarding “Tan” publications and some of its “revisions”–(There is a large caveat, however, to wit: whomever prepared the Kindle edition must surely have failed to submit it to a proofreader, as there typos, omissions, and misspellings on every page. This naturally disrupts the flow of reading, which is bad enough for one in prayer, but it also introduces actual error into what the Saint is writing. A revised, carefully corrected edition must be prepared and issued quickly! ) —Lord, increase our faith–(Raccolta)…PS: yesterday, first Friday of July , Holy Hour was (in Reparation for Public and Official Outrages to Our Lord Jesus Christ) certainly fits in well with our current Apostasy.
    Father Mateo’s Holy Hour book is a true spiritual treasure. Joseph M.


    • Thank you, Jospeh, for visiting and for your comments, especially about TAN’s Kindle version of the linked “True Devotion” book. I have the hardcopy, which is free from typographical errors so far as I know. I’d recommend that.


  4. Dear Robert,
    So glad to have your great site and input. It has been a real boost for those praying at home and I congratulate you for your perseverance despite personal hardships. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed and appreciated everything you have done, especially the interviews. Many only connect to things visually so I think that is a real help to those who are not able to always get as much out of what’s written.

    Thanks also to you and Laura for coming to my defense; it means a lot. It has been pretty lonely out here for many years. I wish you great success with this site in the future and look forward to the podcasts. May God help us all to persevere until the very end!

    Many blessings,
    Teresa Benns

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    • Thank you so much, Teresa. That means so much to Laura and me! We are just trying to live out our faith and use what measly talents we have to help our fellow Catholics understand these darkened days. (By the way, I should give credit to Laura who not only has written an article—more coming—but who is also my editor-in-chief. She’s awesome and amazing all wrapped up in a pre-V2 modestly tailed skirt! I couldn’t do it without her.


  5. You are doing a Great Job Thanks a million May Jesus Mary and Joseph Bless You. I saw a great podcast with you and Stanfill Benns talk about the Rosary indulgences there is a way to win the indulgences through The Living Rosary all we need is 15 True Catholics to commit to pray 1 mistery a way the rest of our lives ,all we need to do is choose anyone of the 15 misteries and pray that one always my Sister and i live in Spain and we are stay at home Catholics we would be willing to do it Have a Blessed Sunday Deo gratias et Mariae PS the intentions would be the triumph of the Sorrowful and Immaculait Heart of Mary and in Honor of St. Philomena


    • Thank you, Jimmie, for your comments! Yes, the Rosary is the key to salvation in these days of darkness, the light by which the road to heaven is illuminated, that we may walk in the way of righteousness and peace. God bless you!


  6. One of the most tormenting thing is that even when you want to learn the faith and strengthen yourself, instead you are often attacked by demons all around you and other problems, unprepared or other circumstances. You just helplessly look at everything and suffer and become sick, destruction around and people generally become only more perverted and loud without being punished administratively, the forces of hell literally in full bloom, through basses, intentionally harmful gassing and noise from vehicles, etc., immodesty etc. I believe I do not have the detailed knowledge to teach others because this is most likely a sign that there will be no conversions until the very end . I have never heard of another Catholic who was completely alone, maybe it was Victoria, but she made a schism – maybe she couldn’t stand the tension humanly speaking. Is there someone like that here who are completely alone? Although isolated, I mostly hear about someone having families, loved ones and contacts and friends who are Catholic too.


    • I do not know of any Catholics who are alone absolutely, like you said. That is truly a cross! But, my question I guess is, are you sure you are supposed to be alone? I mean, do you believe God has called you to the celibate life? Is marriage not a possibility anymore (I don’t know your age, but I had a friend growing up whose mother found her life-mate in her forties.) If not romance, perhaps friendship? Like seeking out people who have the same hobbies as yourself? It is not good for man to be alone. What I mean by being alone is being out of touch with fellow Catholics who believe what we believe and live upright lives according to God. That doesn’t mean you cannot have acquaintances or friends of utility (like Aristotle talks about) with whom you play tennis or chess.


      • I have not. I tried that too, but everything ultimately leads only to arguments and dangerous temptations. If there are no Catholic friends, then there is nothing today. The Holy Scripture and God himself separate from all this in the end. I am convinced that this is a call to a celibate life. I had a good job years ago but was slowly being pushed out. I’m over thirty, but I feel like an outcast teenager. The social conditions in my country are also such that it is not possible to build your own business. Here everything goes to a collapse moral and social, that it is time to think only about prayers, one of the most drastic covid-rules in the world, more than 70 % accepted injections (I believe it is in narrower sense mark of the beast).
        I don’t know if I’m meant to die like this alone or not, but I want it all to end as soon as possible, so I’m not afraid of war, neighboring Russia, etc. On questions of faith, at best, everything ends up with a couple of questions every couple of years, from other people.


  7. I also forgot to add. Are you sure July 2 is the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? It doesn’t appear anywhere for me. Next is July 8 (Saturday after the Octave of the Sacred Heart of Jesus), celebrated in some places.


    • No, I was wrong, deceived by the Antichrist Paul VI who changed Pius XII’s date of the Immaculate Heart from August 22 to the Saturday following the octave of the Most Sacred Heart. Sorry about that! I guess we are going to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart twice this year.


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