Perpetuo Pia: Become a Contributor to CatholicEclipsed!

I am but one man among so many who are more educated, eloquent, and enthusiastic about the Catholic Faith. I would like to open up CatholicEclipsed to contributors, readers like you who have something say, who would like to air out a topic of interest facing us Catholics today. The mission of CatholicEclipsed is “to expose the agents of darkness who now operate to obscure the Catholic Church by shedding light on what the Church actually is and teaches, and to provide an online haven for those who find themselves feeling alone and isolated just for being faithful.” The comments section was envisioned as way to fulfill the second part of this mission, to be a place where pray-at-home Catholics could discuss the article’s themes or propose side-topics. And, though this is still a possibility, and I welcome such discourse in the combox of the articles, I think it is time to expand CatholicEclipsed’s appeal and readership by increasing the number of contributors.

I have already done so with my wife, who is by far more intelligent and knowledgeable in the faith than I am, and who writes far more clearly–she is actually my editor-in-chief! So look forward to more articles from Laura Robbins, when she can fit them in to her very busy 24-hour career as a stay-at-home Catholic mother and wife. But I am excited to have new contributors, new voices, personalities, people who love the faith and have a knack for writing out their thoughts and a desire to share them with fellow Catholics around the world. Imagine 1Peter5, but only actually Catholic. That is what I was thinking with this expansion project for CatholicEclipsed.

As a contributor, you will retain author attribution, but the content would be subject to editing, both grammatical and content-wise if needed, and formatting style. This is standard practice for publications and contributing authors. Of course, clear communication of any content correction would be made prior to publication, and the contributor would have the right to reject the correction and retract the submission. All these details would be worked out on a one-on-one basis, with myself working with the contributor, but the bottom line is that I want the contributor’s best, and this takes a collaboration between the writer and the editorial team to make that happen.

A word more on content corrections: About those things which Catholics may have considerable disagreement, I am liberal. About those things which we must adhere to with a firm and unshaken faith, I must be firm. To help in the editorial task of ensuring doctrinal soundness, I will simply use the Baltimore Catechism, not my private opinion as to what is or is not Catholic. So prospective contributors need not worry that their hard work will be censured on account of the arbitrary whims of the editor. All that is to say, there will be considerable leeway as to what will be entertained on CatholicEclipsed, while holding ourselves always to the standard of the BC, which I don’t foresee anyone objecting to.

Topics which I would love to have submitted for review and possible publishing are as varied as spiritual meditations while gardening to doctrinal disputations on the Summa Theologica, to anything else you may think important to talk about, which touches upon our holy religion. There could be an art criticism column from a Catholic perspective, which addresses contemporary artworks and movements in light of traditional art forms. There could be a cooking columnist whose recipes are inspired by Catholic cuisine in Indonesia. There could be a contemporary science beat, which covers the latest scientific interests that may intersect with the faith, like evolution or life on Mars. The possibilities are endless, really, because our Faith touches all matters of living.

As to the first part of the mission of CatholicEclipsed, that of exposing the agents of darkness eclipsing Catholicism, contributors are very much welcome, but I kind of see myself as covering that beat. I was thinking about revamping the Sect Spect Report, not just video, but perhaps a podcast and a written form, which would retain the sardonic humor while being a bit longer than the five minute video productions of the past.

So, if you think that fellow Catholics would benefit from your personality, thoughts, reflections, and insights into living the Catholic faith today, or comments on the culture in light of that faith, please, I want to hear from you! There are so many of you out there with special knowledge, whether in science, or culinary art, politics, crafts and gardening, in all the varied spheres of human knowledge and action, and who, above all, have a profound zeal and love of the faith, such that you are not willing to compromise one iota of the law for convenience sake, or worldly gain, social respect, or anything less than God’s grace. You are strong in the faith, and you make those around you stronger by your presence and persistence and witness. In a word, you are Perpetuo Pia, the forever faithful followers of Jesus Christ and the devoted sons and daughters of Mary, and so your contribution to CatholicEclipsed is very much wanted and needed!

Submit your article through COMMS for review and possible publication! Upon acceptance, I will contact you. If accepted, you may be asked to write a short BIO for our readers to get to know you a little more. I look forward to hearing from you!