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Chromocast 1.1: Martyrs of the Apocalypse

I am very excited to publish my first podcast of what I hope will be a media mainstay in your living room, car, or workplace. The Chromocast is so structured as to promote piety and thoughtful reflection on the crisis in the Church, as well as (hopefully) entertain you. As an auditory addition to the CE Log: Opinion on the Apocalypse, I hope you will enjoy the new media. To ensure that you do not miss another episode, please consider subscribing to the CE Log below.

This week we discuss “Martyrs of the Apocalypse,” in particular, those “witnesses” to the Gospel of Christ who are true to the true faith under the reign and persecution of the Antichrist. Many there are who have fallen away from the Faith, or who, keeping the faith at least materially, choose to attend sectarian chapels for sacraments, thereby breaking the Divine law which constitutes the Church as a Divine society, ordered according the hierarchical structure designed by God.

Home Alone Catholics are the only ones who hold both to the truths of the Faith as well as the laws of God in their entirety. Thus, it is not a stretch of the imagination to see that Home Alone Catholics are the Martyrs of the Apocalypse, since they alone are the ones who suffer the most under the persecution of the Antichrist.

I discuss this and more in this podcast. Come and tune in to the Chromocast, and let your hearts be enkindled with the love of God!

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